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Apply logical Switch to Hyper-v Host Fail

when you try to apply a logical switch to Hyper-v Host , you might get an SCVMM error like the one below : Error (2915)The Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) service cannot process the request. The object was not found on … Continue reading

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Connecting App Controller to Windows Azure Subscription

After installing APP controller SP1 and to connect to your azure subscription , you will need to export your App controller certificate and upload it to windows Azure. two certificate are used for this a DER exported certificate that Contains … Continue reading

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Migrate Hyper-V File based Authorization Store to AD Authorization Store Script

MS Hyper-V implements role-based access control to define what users can and cannot do with virtual machines, after installing the Hyper-V it will always be configured to use a local XML file located at \programdata\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V\InitialStore.xml on the system partition. The … Continue reading

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Deploying MS PetShop 4 using SCVMM 2012 service template

I have seen many links to deploy MS Petshop using SCVMM but non of them was working , so I decided to build one and share it . This is actually a working Deployment of Petshop 4 using SCVMM service … Continue reading

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does MS Private Cloud Provide what I need ?

Private Cloud are coming into Microsoft System Center 2012 products Family but users will soon discover that deploying private cloud using SCVMM lacks good network infrastructure support that will be a huge blocker against wide deployment of Private cloud using … Continue reading

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Creating syspreped VM VHD Recommendation

As I said on my blog I’m working on authoring a book about SCVMM and Private cloud below are draft Recommendation on Creating syspreped VM VHD to use with SCVMM template from my book Chapter 6: Configuring Library Resource: Creating … Continue reading

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Authoring My first Books Building Private Cloud Infrastructure using SCVMM SP1

I have started working on My First Book with suggested Title “Building Private Cloud Infrastructure using SCVMM SP1” , I have almost wrote 30% of it’s content and I hope that it will be ready by the time Microsoft lunch’s … Continue reading

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