Things to consider for Live Migration

  • Live Migration will migrate VHD files that are Directly attached to IDE or SCSI adapters , VMs that use differencing Disk cannot participate in Share Nothing Live Migration , as only differencing disks is directly attached to the IDE or SCSI adapter so the parent VHD can’t be moved which cause VM move to fail between hosts.
  • Live Migration (Running Machines) is Not Supported between hosts that use CPU from Different Venders Intel and AMD, you can migrate VM only between Hosts that use the Same Processor Vender.
  • To live Migrate VM between Host that use different Processor Family from the Same Vender Intel or AMD , processor compatibility mode must be enabled form VM to successfully be life migrated
  • Unified Virtual switches names are recommend to use otherwise Hyper-v will ask for new network switch name

About Hikmat Kanaan

I’m big fan of technology; I have worked almost with every MS windows OS up to Windows 8 and server 2012 including OS deployment, AD and almost every MS OS service included major MS products ISA ,TMS, Exchange, System center ,Sharepoint ,SQL , Storage system, Networking, security, Cisco, HP, and Checkpoint products. Designing and Architecting IT solutions and infrastructure . I do admire automation and working based on best practices toward building highly reliable solution that provide the required services to Business. I also run the Jordan IT professionals user Group
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