Apply logical Switch to Hyper-v Host Fail

when you try to apply a logical switch to Hyper-v Host , you might get an SCVMM error like the one below :

Error (2915)
The Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) service cannot process the request. The object was not found on the server (win12-hv.jitpros.local).

WinRM: URL: [http://win12-hv.jitpros.local:5985], Verb: [GET], Resource: [\8b54c928-eb03-4aff-8039-99171dd900ff\Default]

Unknown error (0x80338000)

Recommended Action
Ensure that the VMM agent is installed and running. If the error persists, restart the virtualization server (win12-hv.jitpros.local) and then try the operation again.

This error can also happen due to an older version of the VMM agent on the virtualization server. Ensure that the VMM agent is upgraded to the latest version, and then try the operation again.

To resolve this try this solution :

1. Use Physical Adapter to manage Hyper-v Host , if your Physical Adapter  has a Virtual Switch the addition would fail .

2. Disable IP 4 and IP 6 on Team adapters (if your DHCP provide a DNS configuration that are different than your management DNS configuration )


About Hikmat Kanaan

I’m big fan of technology; I have worked almost with every MS windows OS up to Windows 8 and server 2012 including OS deployment, AD and almost every MS OS service included major MS products ISA ,TMS, Exchange, System center ,Sharepoint ,SQL , Storage system, Networking, security, Cisco, HP, and Checkpoint products. Designing and Architecting IT solutions and infrastructure . I do admire automation and working based on best practices toward building highly reliable solution that provide the required services to Business. I also run the Jordan IT professionals user Group
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2 Responses to Apply logical Switch to Hyper-v Host Fail

  1. Rich says:

    I just ran into this myself. Trying to figure out that if I have 8 physical adapters and pull out 1 as a temporary physical to apply a logical switch…how can I pull that last adapter in after pushing the logical switch down? Seems that I’m running into a roadblock when trying to add a NIC after the fact.

    Error (25218)
    An UplinkPortProfileSet was not set on the host network adapter (Broadcom BCM5709C NetXtreme II GigE (NDIS VBD Client) #73) nor was one supplied with logical switch (BackendSwitch).(

    Recommended Action
    Please set an uplink port profile on the physical network adapter or supply one along with the new virtual switch task and retry the operation

    • Hi, try This

      1. create VNIC (virtual Network adapter on the virtual switch )
      2. remove the host IP from the last physical adapter
      3. assign the old Host IP to the Virtual Network adapter
      4.refresh your host
      5. add the last physical NIC to virtual switch

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