Connecting App Controller to Windows Azure Subscription

After installing APP controller SP1 and to connect to your azure subscription , you will need to export your App controller certificate and upload it to windows Azure. two certificate are used for this a DER exported certificate that Contains your public key and a PKCS certificate that include your private Key in addition to your Azure subscription ID.

You can  connect App controller to your windows Azure Subscription using the following Steps:

1. On your App Controller open MMC console

2. Add File menu , add the certificates Snap-in

3. Select Computer Account –> local Computer –> then select the personal Folder –> certificate

4.Right Click Your App controller Certificate and select Export


5. Click Next ,  Then Select “No don’t export Private Key” and click Next


6.Select the DER encoded X.509 (.CER) and Click Next


7. Enter File Name and Browse to store the file

8.This file will be uploaded to your Azure Subscription , it contains your certificate public key

9. You need to export the same certificate again but this time with private Key , Once again right Click the Same certificate and Click Export , then Click Next

10. Select the “Yes Export private key” option and click Next


11. Select the personal information Exchange – PKCS(.PFX) and click Next


12. Select Password from the security option and enter a password and click Next


13. Browse and enter name for your certificate and Click next , then Finish .

14. log in to your azure subscription  and select settings


15. Click the Upload management certificate Link and browse to your DER Certificate, click Ok and wait until the upload is finish.

16. high light your Subscription ID and Copy it .


17. Open your App Controller web Site , and click the “Connect windows Azure subscription” Link.

18. in the Connect windows Azure subscription windows , enter a name for your connection , description , Paste your Azure subscription Id , click browser and select your Exported Personal Exchange Key , type the password that you used to protect your exported certificate and click OK.


  19. Once connected you can manage and connect to your VMs and Applications on Azure

About Hikmat Kanaan

I’m big fan of technology; I have worked almost with every MS windows OS up to Windows 8 and server 2012 including OS deployment, AD and almost every MS OS service included major MS products ISA ,TMS, Exchange, System center ,Sharepoint ,SQL , Storage system, Networking, security, Cisco, HP, and Checkpoint products. Designing and Architecting IT solutions and infrastructure . I do admire automation and working based on best practices toward building highly reliable solution that provide the required services to Business. I also run the Jordan IT professionals user Group
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