Installing Service Manager 2012 SP1 Beta Self Service Portal

SCSM Self Service Portal provide web interface based on SharePoint to SCSM users , to install SCSM Self Service Portal you will need 2 AD account to be used during the installation. you can pre-create these  accounts before installation.The Self Service Portal has two components SharePoint website and a web content server , you can install both of them on the same computer or on two different servers. The installation of both component need to be done with the SCSM service AD account .

Note: The SCSM service AD account must be added to local Administrators Group on on all machines as it is used to perform the installation : SharePoint Server , SQL Server and Content Server.

1. Add your SCSM Service Account to the local administrators Group on your SharePoint Portal server also make sure that SCSM account is a SharePoint Frame Administrator , then double click the SCSM setup  file and select service Manger Web Portal.


2. Select the component that you want to install SharePoint website or a web content server or both then click Next


3. Enter a User Name , Organization name and accept the License Agreement then click Next


4. Accept the default installation path and click Next


5. The System Check result , will warn you if any of the prerequisite are missing , click next


6. Enter a Site name and Port number for your content server , you can also opt to use SSL for communication , if you have a valid SSL certificate and click Next.


7. Enter Account Information that will be used for the web content Application Pool , click test and then Next.


8. Enter The name of SQL server That Hosts the Service manger DB , and select the Service manager DB name from the list (default: ServiceManager) and click NEXT.


9. Enter the Name to use for the SharePoint Site and port Number , you can use SSL certificate if you have one to encrypted traffic to the site. Enter SharePoint SQL Server Name , Database name for SM Portal Site and click Next.


10. Enter Account Information for the SharePoint Application Pool and click test connection then click Next.


11. Choose whiter to Join Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement program or not  and click next. 

12. Check your installation Scummy and click Install.


13. Once the installation is completed , you see the Completed Successfully screen with URL to the content server  and SharePoint site.


14. You Can open your SM Self Service Portal site by clicking the URL link on the completed installation.


15. at this point your Domain users can’t access the SM portal  because they don’t have permission on the SM SharePoint Site , they will get an Access denied message as below.


16. to fix this issue access the SM Web Site using the SM Service Account or account that have administration privilege , click on Site Actions and click Site permission.


17. The SM portal inherit its permission for the parent Site , so you can set permission at the parent Site level or at the SM Sub site level , in this demo I clicked the Team site link circled in the below figure to setup permission at the parent level Site.


18. Click the Grant permission button on the Site ribbon .


19. In Grant Permission Screen Type in You AD Group name that will need access to the service manager Self service Portal and select the the read role and click OK.


20. The Group name will now appear in the permission list and users can access SM portal using their AD Accounts.


About Hikmat Kanaan

I’m big fan of technology; I have worked almost with every MS windows OS up to Windows 8 and server 2012 including OS deployment, AD and almost every MS OS service included major MS products ISA ,TMS, Exchange, System center ,Sharepoint ,SQL , Storage system, Networking, security, Cisco, HP, and Checkpoint products. Designing and Architecting IT solutions and infrastructure . I do admire automation and working based on best practices toward building highly reliable solution that provide the required services to Business. I also run the Jordan IT professionals user Group
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4 Responses to Installing Service Manager 2012 SP1 Beta Self Service Portal

  1. Please correct “Virtulazation” in the title. Also, I noticed you did not choose an SSL certificate for both parts. Was this intentional and was it a wise decision?

  2. tahir says:

    HI.. I was trying to follow the same steps mentioned in this artical and all went well but now my installation hanged at 5th step”Configuring Portal sharePoint Website”..
    Its not moving forward since hours 😦
    any idea

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